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Horseshoe with clover wood and felt with adhesive 45x34mm -10 pieces

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Give yourself magical emotions with felt figures and the projects made with them. Order online at good prices to any location in the country.

Felt figures bring joy and pleasure when working with them. Their bright colors and dense material make them a favorite among scrapbook creators for decorating various items. With the start of the school year, many projects are initiated, for which felt figures are a preferred material. Combined with your creativity, kids could create real magic. A realistic forest corner can be made with a variety of animals, trees, bees, and many other elements. Recreating and bringing to life is an emotion you can achieve with felt figures. They are perfect for decorating items for various thematic holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. You can also use them to decorate the interior of your home. Overall, they are a universal decorating material for both young and old.

The symbolism of the horseshoe - "The ways of God are mysterious." This is an honest acknowledgment by the analytical mind that not everything in this world conforms to its logic. It’s a doorway through which superstitions enter our lives. They become an inseparable part of the subconscious, which is the greatest magician shaping our life experiences. Therefore, instead of running away from superstitions, it’s best to derive benefits from them. The horseshoe is among the most established symbols of luck, happiness, success, and wealth. Its simple shape signals "luck awaits you." This information triggers a positive program that seamlessly leads to positive outcomes. Why not seize every opportunity to activate this program? Whether hanging the horseshoe on our home’s door, adding it to a charm bracelet, letting it hang on a backpack zipper, or attaching it with a magnet to the refrigerator, every time we glance at it, the magician dwelling in our subconscious will initiate a new miracle, bringing the desired into our home.

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