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Fluorite Gemstone Bead Strands, DIY Necklaces, Beacelets

Fluorite or called Fluorspar is a gentle crystal that was once called the "Rainbow House" because its colors often overflow. It is observed fluorescence - radiation in the visible spectrum of light. Don't miss out on these attractive fluorite beads we offer. The jewels of this mineral purify the aura, harmonize the mind and activate the subtle nerves through which we communicate with other worlds.

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FLUORITE String beads semi-precious stone, ball shaped 4 mm ~ 95 pieces
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FLUORITE String beads Semi-precious stone, ball shaped
SKU: 141931 Piece: 95
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FLUORITE String beads semi-precious stone, ball shaped 6mm ~ 64 pieces
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FLUORITE String beads Semi-precious stone, ball shaped
SKU: 141932 Piece: 64
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FLUORITE String beads semi-precious stone, ball shaped 8 mm ~ 50 pieces

FLUORITE String beads Semi-precious stone, ball shaped
SKU: 141933 Piece: 50
4.95 euro
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A favorite of collectors and mineralogists , fluorite is one of the most sought after and liked minerals in the world . The magical creation of nature combines transparency and purity of glass. Its name is associated with its characteristic fluorescent light, which appears when exposed to the sun, refracting UV rays in a color dance.

Also known as 'Student Stone' or 'Genius Stone' , Fluorite is associated with mental achievement and the stimulation of brain processes that are responsible for clearly focusing on a goal.


Fluorite extraction is typical for countries such as Great Britain, Germany and Norway. Fluorite deposits in Bulgaria are located in the Rhodopes, near the Vacha and Struma rivers .


Origin of the Stone of Genius

It has been known to mankind since ancient times. Evidence of this has been found in artifacts in which the stone was used to make vessels for the noble Romans. It is said that its value was greater than that of gold.

In distant India, fluorite was worshiped and revered as sacred. People thought that it helped communicate with the gods


Types of fluorite and their significance

That transparency is typical of this type of semi-precious stone, there are several types that transform light to turn it into color.

Here are some of them: < / strong>


Green Fluorite

Gentle - the green shades of this species are reminiscent of the serenity that nature brings in the heyday of Summer. It is known for its ability to inspire, purify negative energies from the body and encourage original thinking.

A loyal friend of students, innovators and science workers < / strong>. It allows us to get rid of the unpleasant feeling of experienced emotional trauma and to transform thoughts into actions.


Blue Fluorite

This variety carries the energy of calm and rationality. Has the ability to bring order to chaotic thoughts and improve speech skills. If you need a spiritual awakening and a new beginning, this is your right choice for a talisman .


Transparent Fluorite / H3>

Like its crystal clear nature, the purpose of transparent Fluorite is related to mental clarity and harmonization of mind and body. This crystal will help you look at situations in perspective to distinguish between the essential and the inessential. Relieves emotional turmoil, guilt, shame and pressure from others.


Purple Fluorite

This variety n axis the color of peace and radiates warm energy to bring logic to your thoughts. It is extremely suitable for meditation , as it increases the intuitive abilities of the meditator .


Rainbow Fluorite

This variety is also called Multicolored Fluorite , because it intertwines the different colors of the rainbow in interesting stripes. It is often used to purify the aura, as well as to energize and activate all the chakras . If you need to get rid of chaotic thoughts, this stone is right for you. It is believed to help the so-called 'Indigo Children'.


Yellow Fluorite

It is a symbol of unity and creativity . If you are creative and need an inexhaustible source of inspiration, this stone is your mascot. It increases ingenuity, strengthens the imagination and supports the realization of ideas. Brings the energy of collaboration and is great for misunderstandings with colleagues.


Healing and mystical properties

Fluorite in all its forms < Strong> brings the energy of calm and balance. The stone promotes intelligence and emotional well-being.

  • In alternative medicine it is used as a concomitant therapeutic agent for the treatment of the stomach, intestinal tract and Eating disorders
  • It is also useful for skin diseases and diseases of the respiratory system - bronchitis, dry cough, sinusitis and other infections < / li>
  • Considered an immunostimulant and antiviral stone

In the treatment of psychological problems, fluorite has a greater effect if worn with