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Decoupage Paper

We offer a wide selection of handmade, rice paper for decoupage. The designs are very beautiful and varied. In them you will find romance, tradition, nostalgia, beauty and creative spirit. There are modern and vintage designs. Order online, easily and conveniently at cheap prices.

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Decoupage Paper

The decoupage technique made its way into Europe during the early Middle Ages, around 476 AD, when the Western Roman Empire encountered the barbaric Germanic tribes.

Decoupage is an ancient art, which is closely related to paper. Decoupage paper is key for making modern and extravagant designs. It needs to be good quality and offer different styles. It is the cornerstone of crafting everything elegant and stylish.



The diversity of colors, motifs, and designs of the decoupage paper gives room for creativity to all hobby creators. It is important to have a wide variety of craft materials to choose from. EM ART offers you:

  • Rice paper
  • Paper with motifs
  • Handmade decoupage paper
  • Decoupage paper with Embroideries
  • Decoupage rice paper with flowers


Material and Quality

Decoupage paper was discovered in ancient China, where the rural population began to use it for decorating various everyday items. Trying to imagine life without paper would be quite difficult. Even though digital technologies attempt to replace it in our daily lives, it still holds a prominent place.

Nowadays, thanks to the development of technology, the quality of this product is really high. Besides spreading knowledge, this material is used for decorating various items, furniture, clothes, and many other accessories.

The perfect structure and diverse designs of decoupage paper make it a preferred choice by hobby creators. The materials used for its creation have a fibrous structure, which contributes to its elasticity.


Application and Purpose

Decoupage paper is versatile and strong, making it great for creative projects on big surfaces like old furniture. Decoupage paper can be glued on wood, glass, plastic, cardboard, styrofoam, ceramics, textile, etc.), after being treated with special primers.

Not to mention the phenomenal varnishes and acrylic paints, which add a bright shine to every item. With this material, you can show your art skills and express our unique creative vision!

The Venetian masters were one of the first ones who started decorating and designing furniture with decoupage paper.

The origin of this art in Europe is in France. Translated from French, decoupage literally means – to cut out or in other words, making paper appliqué.

Countless creative ideas can be realized with the help of the rich assortment of colors and themes of the decoupage paper. This art technique gives the finished product a classy and polished look and shows the imagination and style of the creators. Its wide application makes it a universal method for decorating various items and accessories, from small figurines to decoration of mirrors, jewelry boxes, baskets, plates, cards and tables, chairs, and all kinds of furniture.


Price Range

Decoupage paper is popular among creators because it is affordable and easy to come by. EM ART offers you a range of decoupage materials that will definitely be a bang for your buck.



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