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Martenitsa , called more  martinka , marta , marticka , gadaluska , kichilka , represents ritual decoration from twisted threads , which everything put on March 1st for health . Martenitsa is little an ornament which it’s fine crafted basically from woolly or cotton yarn in two basic colors – white and red . This is typical Bulgarian custom , at which the Bulgarians everything they squeal each year on March 1 - the holiday Grandma Martha .

This one Bulgarian symbol is nominated from Bulgaria , North Macedonia , Moldova and Romania and entered in the representative list on UNESCO for elements on the intangible culturally inheritance on humanity .


Distribution and origin on the martenitsa


The custom Yes everything they tie martenici is characteristic for The Balkan peninsula and has become a Balkan one tradition . It is present in Romania and Moldova , where the martenitsa everything called mărţişor ( mărțişor ). S martenitsi everything they also sing in Bulgarian ethnically territories , remained within limits on the neighbors countries - the Western ones suburbs , Republic Macedonia ( called martini ), Northern Greece ( March ) and the regions Naked Burdo and Prespa in Albania ( Monjak ).

With others words the martenitsa is familiar on the bigger one part from the population on The Balkans , but mainly the Bulgarians are succeeded to turn it into a ritual -artistic object value which over the years mining everything bigger meaning , as everything fits into the cultural life on the country .

Himself holiday on Grandma Marta in Bulgarian traditions is a symbol on spring brings _ a wish for health and fertility in the beginning on the new one cycle in nature . First March notes the coming on Grandma Martha , the mythological one image in Bulgarian folklore , personifying the variable month March .

The tradition everything connects with ancient pagan history from The Balkan peninsula connected to all _ agricultural cults to nature , as some from the most specific features on March 1st rite and especially the binding on the twisted ones white and red excited threads , are fruit on centuries old a tradition that has been inherent for Thracian and Hellenic antiquity .

According to the early ones written sources referring to everything to Thraco-Hellenic antiquity , naming the ancestors on the Marches eiresione ( from erion – wave on ancient Greek ). They are represented twigs decorated with white and red _ excited threads .

Alone eiresione is worn usual on at least one from the holidays in honor on Apollo , arose by likeness on the holidays on Dionysius .

In the rites on the 1st of March some researchers they see traces from rituals related to the welcome on ancient roman Nova year , occurred on this one date . They everything performed in honor on the god Mars , on who is also called the month .


12 interesting ones the fact for the martenitsa


  • Through the white and the red color on the martenitsa the Bulgarians please grandmother Martha Yes be merciful and winter Yes passed fast , yes came spring and the new season Yes them brought rich harvest and health .

  • On every March 1st the Bulgarians you are give as a gift martenitsi . Under the form on bracelets - on the hands , with hooked lapels or like necklace , they you are wish " Congratulations grandmother Martha ". This is a way Yes you are they wish luck , health and fertility .

  • What ’s the weather on March 1 , such will be through the whole year . If it’s sunny and warm , luck will be on yours country , and if it is cold and gloomy , it will you must good luck .

  • The tradition commands _ when person see the first one stork for the year Yes download the martenitsa , to put it under stone and after 7 days Yes check how much insects are everything collected under the stone . If are a lot will everything pleases on big fertility through the year .

  • A lot people they chatter with martenitsa twig on fruity wood , like by this one way they wish health on the tree and rich harvest through the year .

  • On the 1st of March celebrate and me day Martin , Martina and Marta .

  • On the 1st of March there is more one custom . In the period March 1-22 must Yes you are let’s choose one determined day and what the weather is like on this one date , such will it ’s our year . If it’s sunny , I will we have good luck if do no , it he will is missing .

  • According to the people beliefs , the martenitsa everything connects with Bulgarian word " March " or with wayward old woman grandmother Martha . She often you are me moods and reflects climatic ones changes through month March . Today is sunny , tomorrow - cloudy and cold .

  • When grandmother Martha everything smiles , the weather is sunny and warm , and when everything the anger , the cold everything accommodates for long time and even can Yes it rained snow .

  • Something else confidence states that _ the martenitsa must Yes everything threw into a river , for Yes us go like by water .

  • According to the Romanian ones beliefs yes the martenitsa ( or " martseshor " of Romanian ) is ancient symbol from one ancient scenario for revival on nature on threshold on the spring . This one ancient custom is about the moment on the symbolic death and the symbolic birth on one local female deity Baba Dock . Martseshor is also the folk name on month March - the beginning on the agrarian year .

  • According to i love brides wear the Marches on the right , and the girls on the left . The bachelors them worn untied _ ends , and the mature ones men - cropped to nodes , for Yes no everything wave by the seats .


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