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Decorative Organza Wire Butterflies & Flowers

Butterflies and flowers of Organza material wire and net or polyester sleeve. From them you can make spectacular decorations, hair accessories and attractive accessories for children. You can use them in flower arrangements, adding a little fabulous mood.

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Organza Wire Butterfly with glitter For Home Decor, Party Accessories 70x60 mm dark red
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Organza flower for decoration 40 mm

Flower for decoration 40 mm The price includes 12 flowers .
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Product features

Butterflies and flowers with wire for decoration are extremely attractive and fabulous elements that you can add as an ornament to a hair accessory or simply as an effective addition to Gift.


Material of construction

The delicate butterflies and flowers that you will find with us are made of extremely high quality materials such as Mesh or polyester sleeve with wire construction.


Application and purpose

These wonderful elements have many applications and purposes among them Are:

  • spectacular decoration of a gift, greeting card, album or photo frames, scrapbook album;
  • during weddings, baptisms, birthdays, especially if you want To make a truly memorable and fabulous celebration for your children, butterflies and flowers with wire for decoration are an excellent choice. They are also suitable for a variety of other occasions for gatherings and celebrations such as gentle and original decoration of the table or even the cups;
  • as decoration of hair accessories such as: hairpins, hairpins, hair bands, tiaras And much more. In this way you will create unique gifts and accessories for you, your children or close friends;
  • Many attractive accessories and toys for children;
  • As an arrangement of bouquets of flowers or even Flower pots at home;


Some of our products

Here on our site, and also In all our physical stores you will find a wide range of butterflies and flowers with wire for decoration, numbering more than 45 different products.

And here are some of them:

  • Butterfly , 50 mm, white with brocade silver;
  • Butterfly, 50 mm, cream with brocade;
  • Flower, 35 mm, double with brocade, light blue;
  • Flower, 35 mm, double with brocade, orange;
  • Paper and wire butterflies, embossed, 11.7x6.6 cm, dark green, 2 pieces;
  • Flower round, 40 mm , red, 12 pieces;
  • Flower round, 40 mm, gold, 12 pieces;
  • Butterfly, 50 mm, different colors (cyclamen, light blue, purple, yellow, etc. ) with brocade;
  • Pepruda, 70x60 m M, with brocade cyclamen;
  • Butterfly, 25 mm, ASSORTED with brocade, 5 pieces;
  • Flower round, 40 mm, champagne, 10 pieces;
  • Flower round, 40 mm, white, 10 pieces;


Price range

All butterflies and flowers with Wire for decoration that you will find with us are at extremely low and affordable prices, ranging from 0.50 cents to BGN 1.80.



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The butterflies and flowers we have are at symbolic prices, while their quality is at a high level. And the variety of colors and types is really great.

They are extremely practical and easy to use. You can include them in any of your ideas or projects and you will certainly not go wrong.

In the same category you will find different butterflies and flowers with wire, dried flowers and leaves, stamens, canvas flowers - jute, Flowers made of fabric, foam, paper and much more.

And to make it as easy as possible for you and to make the search for the products and items you want as fast and easy as possible, we have prepared a wide range of materials and Elements that you will be able to include in each of your projects and realize your every idea, turning it into a real work of art.

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