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Decoration Box Corners & Elements

Here you will find decorative metal handles, corners, fasteners, caps, hinges and screws for wooden boxes and albums. With them you will convey an elegant finish to your creative projects. Browse and order quickly and easily at affordable prices.

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Metal bolt 9x6x3 mm hole 2 mm color silver -20 pieces
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Metal screw 10x4x2.5 mm color silver - 100 pieces
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Metal hinge 26x30x4 mm holes 3 mm color silver -4 pieces
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Ring with screw 12x5 mm hole 2.8 mm color silver -100 pieces

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In the category you will find decorative metal elements for making wooden boxes and albums, notebooks and books . They are made of high quality materials that are characterized by durability and strength. Each of them is designed to be applicable in various creative projects.



From the team of EM ART we have taken care to provide all the necessary materials for the creation of Boxes and various types of notebooks and albums. Especially for art lovers, we have provided fittings and corners for albums and boxes and wooden boxes.

Here you will find metal:

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Metal hinges are available in different sizes and colors. Used to make boxes. By connecting the lid and the base of the box, they allow it to open and close. You can use double - small hinges or single - large hinges , depending on the model of the product you want to create.

They are used in the manufacture of wooden boxes.



Metal clips are used in the creation of notebooks, albums and books.


Corners (scrapbooking protectors)

< In the category you will find different in color and size fittings and corners for boxes, books, albums and notebooks. They are used to protect and strengthen the covers of paper materials. In addition to serving as a protector, they add style and beauty and completeness to the final product.



Handles made of metal are available in different designs , shapes and sizes . They can be used for various art projects. With them you can make original wooden boxes to use in the household.



Fasteners are used for making boxes, scrapbooking albums , books, notebook. You can choose from a variety of designs and sizes. Each model is ornamented and extremely stylish. This will give your work a unique style and design.


Metal rivets, screws and eyelets

These are small auxiliary materials that will help you assemble Of your product ideas.



Each product in the category is tailored to the needs of hobby artists, to create different Designer items and souvenirs. Thanks to these materials you will be able to realize any idea you have.

The elements are designed for:


Scrapbooking is One of the most interesting methods in applied art, which creates unique, richly ornamented albums, notebooks, memory books, etc. This style carries the spirit of vintage. It uses all kinds of colored sheets, embossed cardboard, punches for cutting, edging scissors, beads > , ribbons, and metal elements.

With the help of materials made of metal, you will create the most beautiful and unique scrapbooking items. To make your handmade notebooks and books even stronger, you can use metal fittings and corners for albums and boxes.

They protect covers from tearing, wear and crushing. In addition to protecting the pages, the corners will add this vintage style to your scrapbooking.

To make your creations even more interesting, you can use clasps, hinges and metal clips.


These elements are an integral part of making art notebooks.


Creating boxes


With the help of elements made of metal, you can make the most beautiful and impressive boxes. You can pick up a simple gift box so that it can be opened and closed. This can be done with hinges or a magnetic clasp.

If you don't have a ready-made wooden box, you can easily make one yourself from suitable cardboard . You can also use an unnecessary box to turn it into an original gift box. To beautify it, you can use colored paper, paints in different colors, 3D decoration elements, ribbons , etc. A gift box should be really impressive and full of mood.


Jewelry boxes

One of a woman's favorite items is the jewelry box. . This is her treasure trove, where she stores her most expensive jewelry. Many women do not have such wooden boxes and scatter their jewelry everywhere in their home.

And when They need it