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Goldstone natural and semi-precious stones

We offer you a sunstone (goldstone) in the form of beads of different shapes in its typical colors. Its brilliant glare is enough to attract the attention of any jeweler. It is lucky and is suitable for protective amulets. Order easily and quickly, without worrying about the price, because with us it is always the best.

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Gemstone Beads Strand, Synthetic Goldstone, Dyed, Brown, Round, 10mm, 40 pcs
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SKU: 141754 Weight 54 gr Piece: 40
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Gemstone Beads Strand, Synthetic Goldstone brown10 ~ 26x3 ~ 10x2 ~ 10 mm ~ 80 pieces

GOLDSTONE chip beads with sparkling copper glare, scattering luck and optimism.
SKU: 141779 Piece: 80
Price5.83 euro
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Sunstone - Vitamin C for the soul

Like most semi-precious stones, Sunstone has been known to mankind since ancient times. One of the first records of it dates back to the time of the Native Americans in the state of Oregon, where the stone was found. It is said that the Indians traded in the crystal, and pieces of it were found in bags placed next to the bodies of the dead.

Its widespread use in the United States began in the early 1900s. At that time, one of the jewelry giants 'Tiffany & Company' began to use the sun stone as an accent in its world-famous jewelry. As the pioneers of the deposits, they claimed ownership of the rights to the deposits. Years later, the jewelry chain withdrew its claims.

In the 1980s, interest in the crystal rose again and the state of Oregon declared it its national treasure.

But the United States is not a pioneer. Of the sun stone. In 1800, on the shores of Lake Baikal in Russia began to mine semi-precious stones. Some of the settlements in the district are still engaged in the trade of sun stone.


Types of sun stone

Depending on The structure of the crystal is formed and its color. It can be found in an extremely diverse palette of colors, ranging from colorless - transparent, through yellow, light - orange and even red. The copper particles in the composition of the sun stone often give it golden and pink shades. It is very rare to find a crystal colored greenish or blue.

Its beauty sometimes spills over into several different shades in the same stone, which can be pink on one side and orange on the other. / p>


Healing and mystical properties

Like other semi-precious stones, this sun-kissed crystal also has its healing properties. It has been used in alternative medicine to clear negative and intrusive thought patterns.

Just as the sun kisses the earth, so this stone is able to bring spring into a raging emotional winter. By stimulating the sacred chakra, the sun stone brings light into the dark depths of the mind, inhabited by fear, anxiety and sadness.

If you are in a difficult time and do not see light in the tunnel, a piece of sun stone will Help you get out of depression with your gentle and warm energy vibrations. Include it in your daily routine, and it is guaranteed to reward you with a dose of vitamin C for the soul.

It is known for its ability to give confidence and optimism.

Even ancient peoples are Realized the power of this magic stone and used it to attract good luck, wealth and prosperity.

It is said that the Vikings used it as a means of navigation because of its direct connection with the sun.

In ancient Greece, it was a symbol of the god of light.


Zodiac signs and chakras

The sun stone is considered For a traditional crystal of the representatives of the zodiac Leo.

Patron of the umbilical chakra, the stone has the power to affect this area of the body, but there are also known beneficial effects on the chakra of the solar plexus.



The good news is that the sun stone is suitable for any budget. Its value varies depending on its color and transparency.

Yellow crystals are usually the cheapest. The more intense its color, the higher its value. Some of its red varieties reach up to 2,000

Processed pieces of stone can be found at symbolic prices that fit perfectly into the value of your projects.


Why choose Em Art?

Here at EM ART you will find a rich variety of strings of sunstone beads. Whether you choose earthy green and brown shades or bet on blue, the price of the strings varies from 3 to 20 levs. And quality is always a priority for us.

Experienced consultants will help you choose the most suitable stone for you, whether you choose one of the 14 stores or shop online.



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