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Rhodonite Gemstone Beads

Rhodonite is distinguished by its delicate pink color. Therefore, its name means rose. It is also called the "dawn stone". With rhodonite beads, you will take the beauty of the soul forward, calm the nervous system and stimulate romantic love. If this is your dream, here is the realization and it is available at the best price.

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Rhodonite - the stone of compassion


The name of this beautiful mineral has a centuries-old history . It was first recorded under this name as far back as 1819 by Christoph Iasi , who used the Greek word 'rhodon' (rose) to name the rose crystal. Due to the rich extraction of rhodonite in the USA , it was officially declared a state gemstone.

Interestingly, a century earlier, rhodonite was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia , where it is used by nobles and tsars as a beautiful jewel. The rich extraction and the colossal size of the discovered stones in the Urals make the locals also declare the crystal a national treasure.

Rhodonite is recognized as a powerful emotional healer and many cultures have used it as a 'first aid' for experienced stress and shock.

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Did you know that?

One of the most interesting facts about the gemstone is its ability to 'hear'. Rhodonite has a hypersensitivity to sounds and music. This ability helps treat speech and hearing problems.

Learning a new language is often a challenge that is difficult to deal with. It turns out that in addition to all the beneficial benefits of rhodonite , the stone is your first friend if you decide to learn a foreign language. It will make the process easier and more enjoyable.


Mystical properties and application

Have you ever experienced outbursts of unbridled anger and a desire to offend? Your interlocutor? If your answer is yes, then be sure to get a piece of rhodonite. It will help you realize the self-destructive power of revenge and insults and transform them into constructive feelings that will fill you with inner peace.

Among its other positive qualities is the ability to build a pink aura , which protects against envy and jealousy. That is why it is recommended for childhood feuds, which often remain until adulthood. It is also recommended for other family disputes such as division of property.

It has been proven that when we are angry with others, we subconsciously project traits that we do not like in ourselves. The good news is that we can control the outbursts of anger with rhodonite jewelry. Use it in the workplace to increase your self-confidence and overcome feelings of inequality.

If you are in a long period of grief or depression after losing a loved one or problems with Your financial state , this stone will teach you to heal mental traumas with the help of love .

It is extremely strong in states related to obsession mania Or unshared feelings.

Rhodonite is a great amulet for people who work in the field of caring for others, volunteers, charities or people in countries where there are military conflicts.


Healing properties and benefits

Due to the rich content of manganese , rhodonite is one of the most powerful gemstones that help Healing of injuries and bleeding wounds.

It is believed to be useful in soothing stomach ailments, ulcers and autoimmune diseases. For stomach upsets, place a piece of stone in the area of pain and you will be amazed at how quickly the healing energy of your guardian stone works.

Its healing power consists in the ability to strengthen, stimulate and increase energy, maintaining the flow of Qi throughout the meridian of the body. According to experts in alternative medicine, the stone strengthens the organs and glands in the body and helps them to purify.

The beneficial effect on the nervous system is one of the advantages of the divine stone. Its gentle vibrations will help you fight states of nervousness, irritability and irritability.


Zodiac signs and chakras associated with rhodonite

Light - red and pink shades of the stone connect it with the heart chakra, which regulates the interaction of the spirit with the outside world.

The stone is also used in Feng Shui to balance the energies of yin and yang. It is best placed in the southwestern part of the room where it will be used to get the most out of it.

Rhodonite is considered the birthstone of those born in the period September 23 - November 20. It is extremely suitable for the representatives of the zodiac sign Scorpio .


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