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Unfinished wooden assembly sets

Laser cut fine wooden sheets in various shapes. Assemble your figurine yourself and decorate your choice by: drawing, decoupage, decorative strips, brocade and more. This way you will create your own original decoration for: Christmas, Easter and more.

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Wooden Christmas 3D ornament for decoration, suitable for manual craft activities with kids 75 mm №T01
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Wooden openwork 3D  ornament for Christmas decoration, appropriate for painting, sprinkle with glitter 75mm

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Wooden Chariot, Decoration, Set Contain 7 pieces, 60x160x100mm
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Easter wooden egg tray for painting, sprinkle with glitter 12 pieces 13x20 cm
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Product Features

Wooden assembly figures are laser cut beer cardboard in various shapes and sizes. Once assembled, you can leave them in their natural color or decorate them with your choice using various techniques such as: decoupage, decorative ribbons, brocade, sequins, painting with different colors, varnishing or other methods of decoration.

If you have never worked with beer cardboard before, you should keep in mind that its attachment to the desired object is done with the help of universal glue. Once dry, it can be painted with acrylic paints, antique pastes, tempera paints, colored pencils, markers, felt-tip pens or decorated in any other way you want.


Material of construction

Beer cardboard is a fairly dense material with a natural white color. When folded, it breaks and stratifies. It is important to mention that it is not cut with scissors, but only with a model knife or trimmer.


Application and purpose

Wooden figurines for assembly are a great choice for a gift for kids. Assembling them will become their favorite game, teaching them patience, ingenuity and dexterity.

The new activity will show them that they can do it themselves, assembling a toy or figurine with their own hands. Or if you want to add a new item to the interior of your home, make a new decoration for one of the big holidays such as: Christmas, Easter or just give a handmade gift for a special person, choosing wooden figurines for assembly will definitely not go wrong. P>


Part of our offers

Here on our site you will find a variety of wooden figurines for assembly with different shapes and sizes.

Here are some of them:

  • Wooden egg tray rooster, 15x11cm
  • Wooden egg tray, 12 pieces, 13x20cm
  • Wooden stand for egg basket, 11x14cm
  • Wooden stand for jewelry, 21x28cm
  • Wooden tea house, 7x8x16cm
  • Wooden stand for 14 eggs, 20x18cm
  • Wooden napkin holder, 11x31cm
  • Wooden Christmas tree for decoration of 3 parts, 160x200x3mm
  • Wooden Christmas tree for decoration of 3 parts, 125x150x3mm
  • Wooden sleigh For decoration of 5 parts, 160x100x85mm (different types )
  • Wooden Christmas pendant 3D, 75mm
  • Wooden stand for egg with rabbits, 20x13.5x5cm
  • Wood for decoration with stand, 200x295mm
  • < Li> Wooden stroller for decoration of 7 parts, 60x150x100mm
  • Wooden egg tray, 9x3cm


The variety is really great. All you need is time, desire and a little imagination to possibly decorate the figurines.

And if your choice is to make a gift with the wooden figurines for assembly, then our advice is to combine several figurines and make Assembly kits of several different items.

For example, you are invited to a party on Easter. It would be a great gift if you combine a wooden egg tray with a napkin holder or an egg tray with a tea house. If the occasion is a birthday or other holiday for which you need a beautiful and original gift, what better gift for a lady than a wooden jewelry stand along with a house where to put her favorite. There are many options for assembling assembly kits, and the choice is entirely yours.

Unleash your imagination and go ahead!


Interesting ideas for Decorating wooden figurines for assembly

Ideas for decorating wooden figurines

They are infinitely many, but today we will pay special attention Only one of them, namely the decoupage technique.

We will start from the fact that decoupage is led to the applied arts. The word itself comes from French and means 'cut'. In other words, with the decoupage technique, any object can be decorated only with a little glue and napkins or paper.

Every object at home can be decorated with the decoupage technique. What we should note is that regardless of the surface before we start decorating it is necessary to put a light or white base for the background. The goal is for the desired motifs and colors to stand out and retain their natural colors.

1. Once you have selected the item, it is time to cut the desired motif from a napkin using only the top layer. You impose the cut piece on the object and adjust it in the desired way.

  1. The next step is to apply a thin layer декупажно лепило на сама салфетка , and you can also use C200. Here you must be careful not to tear the napkin or make folds. If air bubbles accidentally appear, gently push them out.

3.Wait a while for the glue to dry, then if you don't plan to stack more wipes, it's time for акрильня лак . You apply a thin layer, wait for it to dry and apply another layer.

One of the best things about decoupage is that it gives you endless opportunities to unleash your imagination and fantasy. You will see for yourself that the decoupage technique is extremely fun and practical.

It will breathe new life into the otherwise seemingly ordinary wooden objects and turn them into real works of art


Price range

In category „ Wood and beer cardboard ”you will find a wide variety of wooden objects at prices from 0.60 cents. Up to BGN 44.50.



We offer a really wide range of wooden objects , with which you will be able to create at will, using various techniques such as decoupage or just coloring with paints. You will be able to assemble a wall clock yourself, organize all your accessories and smaller items or create a new interesting and entertaining game for your children.

And again here on our site you will find all the necessary tools, elements And materials you will need and everything at really affordable prices.



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