Top 10 Creative Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Art and Craft Enthusiasts of All Ages and Skills

Top 10 Creative Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Art and Craft Enthusiasts of All Ages and Skills


Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Skilled and Adventurous Art and Craft Lovers, and 5 Top Christmas Gifts for Kids and Teenagers in 2023!


     The first snow is no longer a novelty, Christmas songs can be heard everywhere, and the frantic preparation for the Christmas holidays is in full swing! Everyone is searching for those gifts that will bring the widest smiles to their loved ones, but finding such gifts is not always easy. Therefore, if among your closest relatives and friends of all ages, there are art and craft enthusiasts, here we will suggest 10 wonderful ideas to choose from for your Christmas gifts!


Top 5 Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Skilled and Adventurous Art and Craft Lovers


1. 3D Pen for Three-Dimensional Drawing and Modeling

     The highly popular 3D pen for creative drawing and modeling of three-dimensional figures is among the most sought-after Christmas gifts for artistic individuals!

     If you want to delight your loved ones with a magical pen that can create decorative 3D figures, prototype new inventions, and inspire new artistic possibilities, 3D pens are the perfect personal gift, even for yourself!



     Here you can explore our offerings for both 3D pens for three-dimensional drawing and various types of plastic filaments that they work with:


3D Pens, PLA/ABS/PCL Filaments, and other Creative Kits


2. Polymer Clay Press - Perfect for Artistic Jewelry Making

     If you have some loved ones who have countless artistic ideas and a penchant for jewelry making, here you will find the perfect Christmas gift for them!



     The craft of jewelry making has many enthusiasts, and jewelry made from polymer clay can have countless artistic solutions from its creators!

     This Mont Marte Polymer Clay Press and clay single-end tool set as gifts for this Christmas are highly inspiring additions to the recipient’s personal hobby and can even easily lead to a new business venture!


3. Wood Burning Kit for Artistic Crafts on Wooden Figures and Surfaces

     Pyrography allows us to create a wide variety of exquisite wooden creations, and it is no wonder it appears on our list of wonderful gifts for artistic individuals.




     For every art and craft lover, wood burning on wooden surfaces is a magical experience. Such crafts have been carried in our hearts for many generations!

     If this Christmas you will be surrounded by skilled and inventive future artisans, gifting a hobby pyrography kit with 5 tips can become a wonderful start to new heights in this ancient technique.

Tip: You can also add some wooden ornaments and boxes for bases!


4. Professional Leatherworking Tool Set

     Creating various products from leather is among the most traditional artisan professions!



     If you have leather enthusiasts among your loved ones who appreciate leather bags, wallets, keychains, jewelry, and more, you can delight them this Christmas with a beautiful set of professional leatherworking tools!

     With these tools, they will be able to create a wide variety of leather creations, from beautiful belts to leather clothing and decorations.


5. Complete Needle Felting Kit

     Needle felting can be used for a wide range of handmade creations, such as figures, decorations, art pieces, delicate everyday household items, hats, scarves, jewelry, and more.



     If you will be surrounded by artistic enthusiasts of the traditional art of needle felting this Christmas, a complete needle felting kit as a Christmas gift would bring sincere smiles and a new inspiring challenge for the start of the next year!


5 Top Christmas Gifts for Creative Kids and Teenagers


1. Beautiful Cardboard Playhouse for Young Children

     A cardboard playhouse is a wonderful Christmas gift for kids! It can be decorated by the children themselves, with hand-drawn figures or various stickers!

     For children up to 7 years old, this cardboard playhouse can easily become their favorite place in the house:

Large Children’s Cardboard Playhouse for Games and Fun



     And especially for the enthusiasts of decorating Christmas holiday decorations of all ages, here you will find other types of cardboard houses and trees in various smaller sizes:

Cardboard Houses and Trees for Christmas Decoration



2. Sets of Funny Paper Balls with Various Figures

     These creative kits for handcrafting funny paper balls are wonderful gifts for younger children! With them, you can spend pleasant and fun moments together, making their own cute paper balls with various figures - like princesses, dragons and knights, different animals, and even fairytale mermaids!



Tip: Here you can also find wonderful kits for creating beautiful Christmas ornaments, perfect for the holiday season!


3. "Do It Yourself" Dream Catcher Kit

     Our colorful DIY dream catcher kits are suitable for Christmas gifts for artistic individuals of all ages!



     In our online store, you will find a variety of packaged colorful feathers, beads, and everything else needed for the handmade creation of your Dream Catchers.

     They are beautiful decorations in any home and always help their owners sleep peacefully and happily, warding off bad dreams!


4. Materials Kits for Creating Uniquely Beautiful Scrapbook Albums

     DIY Scrapbook Album kits are a wonderful choice for a holiday gift – they are filled with decorative materials to preserve the happiest moments in life for a long time!



     The kits contain a variety of colorful sheets, frames, adhesive stickers, ribbons, artificial flowers, and much more!


Tip: You can also explore other similar designer paper sheets here.


5. Paint by Numbers and Diamond Painting Kits

     Both Diamond painting and Paint-by-Numbers kits are wonderful options for Christmas gifts, both for teenagers and aspiring artists!



     These kits help create luxurious paintings and tapestries without having to create all the elements themselves. You can choose from a variety of paintings in both types of kits, in various sizes, to easily select the most suitable ones for your Christmas gifts!


Tip: If several of these Christmas gifts seem like a good choice, but it’s not easy to choose, we have a special suggestion for you:

Check out the online store of EM ART, where you can explore a huge variety of art and craft materials and kits not mentioned here!


     Well, we hope that choosing the ideal Christmas gifts for your artistic and creative friends has turned out to be easier than you expected. Whatever gifts you give and receive, don’t forget to have fun during this Christmas holiday season!

Daya (Daya) Daya

I am a huge enthusiast of creating new handmade beauties, whether it is with beads, paper and pen, canvas and acrylic, or yarn. Every form of art or intricate crafting brings additional inspiration! If you are curious about what else we can make and craft with art and craft materials, stay tuned for updates in the blog and, of course, feel free to share your ideas!

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