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Learning the Basics on How to Draw a Mandala

22 November  23

Here we will show you three different ways to draw Mandala easily, even if you are a complete beginner! Check out our ideas and step-by-step instructions, and create your own personal Mandala, whether you prefer starting with pre-drawn templates or completely freestyle Mandala drawing!

How to DIY 3D Needle Felted Owls

10 November  23

Learn how to create adorable 3D needle felted owls with this easy-to-follow DIY guide! Perfect for beginners, it provides step-by-step instructions for crafting charming owl figures through dry felting that can be used as decorative wall art.

Create Your Own DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments in a Transparent Plastic Ball

01 November  23

Christmas is just around the corner! Have you adorned your Christmas tree yet? Discover the art of creating a stunning and elegant Christmas decoration using a transparent plastic ball. This one of a kind ornament will bring an extra touch of sparkle and holiday magic to your festivities.

Ideas for Christmas Decoration with Air-Drying Modeling Clay

27 October  23

If you are a DIY Crafts hobbyist, prepare to get inspired for the upcoming Christmas holidays! In this blog, we will share two different ideas on how you can boost your creativity, using air-dry modeling clay and easily bring smiles to your loved ones with your next Christmas decorations!

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