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Ideas for Christmas Decoration with Air-Drying Modeling Clay

 Ideas for Christmas Decoration with Air-Drying Modeling Clay


If you’re a DIY Crafts hobbyist, prepare to get inspired for the upcoming Christmas holidays! In this blog we will share two different ideas how you can boost your creativity, using air-dry modeling clay and easily bring smiles to your loved ones with your next Christmas decorations!


In case you haven’t tried the air-dry modeling clay before, here are a few things you need to know for this type of clay:

  • Air-dry clay is soft and easy to work with
  • You can mix different colors when starting
  • It needs to be sealed before starting
  • It starts to harden without needing baking or hot temperatures
  • Typically, it needs a few days to fully dry, but this always depends of the clay thickness and the weather
  • Suitable for many Arts & Crafts
  • It doesn’t require special tools or supplies, just a clean table or plate to work on
  • And last but not least - it’s affordable


If you’re already curious to try the air-dry clay, you can check out the colorful clay we offer here.

And without delaying, let’s dive in to the Christmas decoration ideas!


  1. Round Christmas Tree Ornaments


Here are all supplies you’d need:

- Round Styrofoam Ball for decoration

- Air-dry clays in different colors

- Scissors

- Ribbons, cord or thread (for hanging)


How to do-it-yourself:


First, choose the model that you will create from the photo above, and clean the area where you are working well, so that dust and debris do not stick to the unfinished ornament.

Then, cover the styrofoam with air-drying clay in the color you have chosen for the base.

Spread the clay over the surface of the styrofoam so that a smooth, thin layer is formed. You can push any excess towards the edge and trim it with scissors. Keep in mind that clay can be cut perfectly even after it dries.


To create the picture, follow the steps shown in the images.

Select an appropriate waxed cotton cord, polyester thread, nylon wire, or something else for hanging the ornament and attach it to the base using a little bit of modeling clay.


I recommend waiting for the base to dry before working on the image. The modeling clay dries quickly, so make sure to close the remaining amount in a bag and do not leave it exposed to air, even for a short time.


  1. Heart Shaped Christmas Tree Ornaments


All you’d need to complete the project:

- Heart Shaped Styrofoam

- Air-dry clays in different colors

- Leaf shaped Silicone mold – we prefer choosing a mold that imitates pine leaves

- Beads and Self-adhesive gems for decoration

- Ribbon, cord or thread (for hanging)


Fill the silicone mold with air-dry clay.

It is best to choose a green color suitable for pine branches. If you can’t find the right color among the already-made ones, you can achieve the desired shade by mixing two or more colors.

Make sure that the modeling clay has fully filled all the corners of the mold and leveled it well.

You will need to wait at least two hours before removing it. The removal should be done carefully, as the clay will not be completely dry.


Next, cover the Styrofoam Heart in the color of your choice and attach the pine twigs. If your base is not dry, they will stick without a problem. However, if it’s dry, you will need some damp clay to adhere them.

You can also make the Christmas star from clay, crafting it petal by petal, or you can use some prepared ones. In this case we used a plastic bead - leaf as shown in the picture.


After you stick the crystals gems, all that’s left is to add the string and the ornament is ready.

As it happens more often than not, we are sure that after using the mold and the crystals, you will be itching to try many more variations in different shapes and colors. To find more interesting molds click here, and you can find the tiny self-adhesive gems and crystals here. They will help you make your beautiful Christmas ornaments to shine even more!

Daya (Daya) Daya

I am a huge enthusiast of creating new handmade beauties, whether it is with beads, paper and pen, canvas and acrylic, or yarn. Every form of art or intricate crafting brings additional inspiration! If you are curious about what else we can make and craft with art and craft materials, stay tuned for updates in the blog and, of course, feel free to share your ideas!

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